Personalized, Individual Medical Services
The various health care services offered by Doctor Angela Intili M.D. are below.

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Obstetrical services
OB/Prenatal Care
In-Office Ultrasounds
Non-Stress Testing
High Risk Pregnancy Assessments
Family Planning
Prenatal Genetic Screening & Testing

In Office Procedures
LEEP Procedure
Hydro-Thermal Ablation (HTA)
Colposcopy (Evaluation of Abnormal PAP Smears)
Cryosurgery (Abnormal PAP Smear)

Miniminally Invasive Surgery
Vaginal Surgery
Transvaginal Hysterectomy





Gynecology Services
Breast & Ovarian Cancer Screening
Pelvic Pain
Family Planning (Birth Control, including DEPO)
Endometrial Cryoablation
Premenstrual Therapy
HPV Detection (Gen Path)
Pelvic Prolapse (Pessary Education & Fitting)
Well Women Exam (Annual Exam, PAP)
Menopause Symptoms
STI: Sexually Transmitted Infections (Diagnosis & Counseling)



Call for more information! For more comprehensive information and details on all the health care services that Dr. Angela Intili provides, contact the office today and the friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.